Ankle Straps

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Product overview:

Never skip a leg day’ is a proverb very common in the fitness world and what makes leg day a bit easier are Ankle straps. Ankle straps help you target calf, lower leg, lower body, and even glutes muscles to help tone, strengthen, and tighten muscle groups to create a leaner, stronger body. We believe in creating durable, long lasting fitness products that support every rep, workout, and goal. These ankle straps will help you conduct your leg day with ease and comfort.



  • Easily attachable to anywhere
  • Light weight and portable
  • Prevents rubbing or chafing on skin
  • Breathable neoprene for comfort 
  • SUPREME COMFORT - Say goodbye to germs and other people’s sweat - because you deserve to have your own super cute and comfy ankle straps for leg day! 
  • TONE & BURN - Take your workout to the next level with fun and new exercises, such as: Cable Kickbacks, Cable Hip Abduction & Adduction, Cable Leg Mountain Climbers, Cable Lunges, Inner & Outer Thigh Contractions and many more! Improve your leg workouts and see the difference you can make in your strength and in the physical appearance of your glutes, hamstrings, and quads.
  • Quality-Our Ankle Strap has a thick neoprene padding, making it the most comfortable ankle cuff on the market. The 2 inch support strap is secured with heavy duty material, making this strap extremely easy to adjust, put on, and take off. This strap adjusts to fit any ankle size effortlessly. This strap was designed for beginners to intermediate level fitness enthusiasts (light to medium weight support).