Foam Roller with Spinal Cord Gap

Product overview:

Sometimes all you need is a good round of massage. We are offering a Foam Roller with Spinal cord gap which you can operate yourself and give yourself a comforting massage. There is a spinal cord gap which leaves out area for your spine. The foam’s rigid surface pattern reached deep places of your muscle and gives you a deep sense of relax. Self-myofascial Release (SMR) is a form tool assisted, self-massage that is used to release muscle tension, improve flexibility and boost movement efficiency.

  • Comes with a spinal cord gap
  • Acupressure pointed surface
  • Speed up recovery
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Foam roll as part of the warm up

  • Foam rolling is designed to reduce tension and knots in the muscle. When foam rolling prior to exercise, focus on the muscles that are tense. This will increase blood flow to those muscles and also allow them to lengthen in order to improve the range of movement of the joint. This will improve the exercises by allowing for full range of motion of the joint.


  • Foam roll as part of the cool down. Foam rolling at the end of a workout will stretch and relieve tension in the muscles. This will help with recovery and reduce muscle soreness.


  • Foam roll to improve joint mobility

Material: EPP
Size: 16.54 in, 5.71 in