Mini Bands Essentials For Him

Product Overview: 

Looking to gift your male friend something special and affordable? Mini Bands are just the thing you need. Every fitness enthusiast knows that a workout is not finished without a good stretch. We offer you top quality bands for getting that round of stretching done and thereby keeping your body flexible. These bands are not only for working out but also for physical therapy. We are offering 5 bands with different color and elasticity.


  • Easy to carry


  • Can be used for myriad forms of exercises


  • 100% natural latex


  • Increased seam strength



Boost your exercise

Resistance bands are used for all types of workout but also for  physical therapy. Our bands offer effective warm up and total body training for every fitness level. Achieve your fitness, weight loss or strength goal anytime anywhere!

  • Number of bands: 5
  • Material:100% Natural latex
  • Length: 23.62 inch (tolerance: +/-1CM)
  • Width: 1.97 inch
  • Pound: From 5 ~ 40lb
  • Thickness: 0.35mm-1.1mm