RELEXit Mini Bands

Product Overview: 

An alternate way of getting physical therapy at any place is using mini bands. Try using Relexit Mini Bands which can be used for therapy, stretching and working out .Many renowned athletes recommend Relexit Mini Bands. So why wait? Get yours and workout in style. These mini bands are multi-purpose equipment to help you throughout your stretching, workout or therapy session.



  • Premium design


  • Eco friendly material


  • Three mini bands in one set


  • A cover for each set is provided




Train in style with your RELAXit way to fitness!

  • Premium design, eco-friendly soft cotton polyester elastic fabric materials
  • Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, we provide three sets of three mini bands to choose from, with color-coded resistance levels
  • Whether is your fitness goal(lose weight, muscle, or just warm up),mini bands can assist you 
  • Set comes with a storage bag for easy to carry. Suitable for your home, outdoors, office, travelling and gym exercises