Self-Myofascial Treatment Essentials Set

Product overview: 

Self-myofascial Release (SMR) is a form tool assisted, self-massage that is used to release muscle tension, improve flexibility and boost movement efficiency. Our Essentials kit consists of a foam roller, lacrosse ball and peanut can help your reduce trigger points from your head and neck to your feet! It is not easy to afford a visit to a spa these days. Then how does the idea of owning a set of mini spa strike? We are providing you with a set of all the equipment you require to give yourself a myofascial treatment at home. It contains a foam roller, trigger point peanut and a trigger point lacrosse ball in an affordable price. This is a total win. The equipment comes with its unique quirks to help you with your message session.


  • Carefully designed taking your body’s anatomy and biomechanics into account.
  • Designed specifically to help you recover faster, avoid injury, and increase mobility.
  • Ideally used to promote the increase of muscle pliability, mobility, flexibility, and range of movement by up to 40%.
  • Used to bust down knots, scar tissue, and trigger points decreasing stiffness and pain.
  • Affordable and easy to use.


  • Foam roll as part of the warm up

  • Foam rolling is designed to reduce tension and knots in the muscle. When foam rolling prior to exercise, focus on the muscles that are tense. This will increase blood flow to those muscles and also allow them to lengthen in order to improve the range of movement of the joint. This will improve the exercises by allowing for full range of motion of the joint.


  • Foam roll as part of the cool down. Foam rolling at the end of a workout will stretch and relieve tension in the muscles. This will help with recovery and reduce muscle soreness.


  • Foam roll to improve joint mobility